The support provided at the Institut des Vocations pour l’Emploi spans an 18-week period, two weeks of which are spent gaining experience at a workplace.


Consolidation of key skills, development of social and citizenship skills, personalized assistance for creating an employment plan.

18 weeks

Two intakes each year, one in September, the other in March. Chaque promotion comporte 50 to 60 Livers par Campus. The support program offers over 500 hours of support and is as stimulating as it is intense. It requires a high level of commitment from students, at least 30 hours each week.

4 major areas of focus

Develop a career path

One-to-one interviews and group sessions, professional contacts, visits to businesses, surveys of professions and inspiring meetings.

General skills

Written and oral communication skills, English, math and digital.

Social skills

Positive self-affirmation, self-confidence, professional profile, team work and workplace first aid training.

General knowledge

Art and culture, understanding of major contemporary issues and understanding of institutions.

This can be extended with five months of intermittent support.

A multidisciplinary support

Facilitated by speakers and experts, it helps the students recognize the skills and knowledge they already have, build their capabilities by acquiring new skills and knowledge, and grasp new opportunities through the LIVE culture and work experience.

LIVE students also receive support in developing their own career path than is both in line with their aspirations and achievable, either immediately or over time.

Support designed for LIVE students

People can enroll in LIVE free of charge

To ensure LIVE students can concentrate fully on their experience, they may be entitled to financial support throughout the program. This support would be paid on top of any benefits (such as unemployment insurance and welfare assistance) and serves to increase beneficiaries’ monthly income to €1,000.

Benefits for LIVE students

Throughout the support period, LIVE students are also provided with a computer on loan, access to productivity applications, office supplies and the LIVE booklet, plus follow-up by a social services assistant, financial aid if necessary to purchase job-appropriate clothing, and psychological counseling aligned with needs.